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Plumbing problems are known to strike at any time. We’ve all experienced a blocked kitchen sink or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. Sometimes, plumbing issues like these do not require professional help – they can be rectified with the aid of a household plumbing tool or agent, such as a handheld plunger, plumbing snake, or chemical drain cleaners that can be bought at your local supermarket. It’s a relief when a few plunges sees your water draining as it should once again, but when these ‘DIY’ remedies don’t provide a cure, it’s time to call your local professional plumber.

Signs that expert help is required include:

  • Drains filling with water and draining slowly (or not at all)
  • Toilet water not receding
  • Foul smells being emitted from bathroom and kitchen areas of the home
  • Water overflowing from drains outside
  • Gurgling and bubbling sounds from sinks

About pipe relining

Pipe relining is a ‘no dig’ method of pipe repair that involves lining the damaged pipe with a fibreglass, resin-coated tube to effectively create a pipe within a pipe. We use the cured-in-place-pipe method (CIPP). Pipe relining is usually completed within a day and is applicable to all types of pipes. It is suitable for pipe lengths of 40mm to 600mm.

How pipe relining works

To give you a better idea of how pipe relining will be performed at your property, here are the steps that are taken from start to finish:

    Initial clean: First, we give the affected pipe a bit of a clean in preparation for the video inspection. We use a high powered water jetter for this step.

    Sewer video camera footage: Using a CCTV sewer video camera, we closely inspect the damaged pipe to get a good understanding of where the damage is located and the extremity of it. Our clients are invited to view the footage also as this helps them make an informed decision as to whether or not they feel pipe relining is suitable.

    Relining the host pipe: Next, an epoxy resin-saturated fibreglass cloth tube is placed inside the section of the pipe that is damaged by means of an inverter. An air compressor is then used to inflate the liner securely to the host pipe’s diameter.

    Drying time: After the lining installation, the liner is left to dry or ‘cure’, typically for 2 or so hours. For larger pipes, steam may be introduced to aid the curing process.

    Final CCTV inspection: Once the lining appears to have dried, a final video inspection is conducted for quality control.

The all-important benefits of pipe relining

As you may have gathered by now, pipe relining offers clients a wealth of benefits and is a far more practical option than trench rehabilitation methods of the past. Listed below are some of the benefits our past clients have enjoyed:

    COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Removing the need to dig up your property and subsequently repair it reduces the cost for you.

    MINIMAL HASSLES: This ‘no dig’ pipe repair method means no messy excavations, nor lengthy disruption to your daily life.

    TIME EFFICIENCY: Unlike traditional pipe rehabilitation methods, pipe relining is fast. In general, it takes less than a day and in some cases, only a few hours.

    IMPROVED SEWER LINE: Your new relined pipe will allow wastewater to pass more steadily and smoothly than before.

    GUARANTEED TO LAST: Pipes that have been relined can last for up to 50 years. In fact, we guarantee it.

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