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How Does Water Heaters Works

Everyone in one way or another yearns to own a water heater if they don’t have one especially during winter times. Water heaters are the greatest companions at cold times because you cannot make it with that cold shower in your bath. However how does water heaters works is a question that most of us ask themselves.


Cold water makes its way into the water heater through the Dip tube system and travel to the bottom side. The water heaters are available in the old and the new models. The new models heat water on demand because they lack the storage tank unlike the old models. The older models are very simple in that it contains a tank that has the heating system at the bottom. It employs the heat rising technique to heat up the water. Its tank is insulated inside to reduce the heat loses. When the tank is filled with water, the shut off valve stops more water from entering in. Thermostat controls the temperature of water that gets into the tank. It is upon you to decide the temperature of the water by setting it. It is located below the protective plate and has a knob used in setting up the temperature. It is recommended to set the temperature low because this saves the energy used in heating up the water.


Heated water normally goes up the tank and is let out by the Heat out Pipe. This is because heated water is less dense compared to the cold water. Water heaters however use different sources of energy 0such as gas, electricity and solar. Those that use gases have been equipped with Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance (FVIR) System that helps prevent the dangers explosion in case it comes into contact with the flammable vapors.