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3 Possible Causes of Gas Water Heater Failure

When your gas water heater is working properly, you can use hot water for showers, laundry or just anything without a thought. But when it fails, you are greatly inconvenienced and you need to identify the underlying cause of the problem and take necessary action. Generally, water heater failure can be the result of different reasons and it’s important to understand each of them and the symptoms.


Why is my gas water heater not working?


1. It could be just too old

The majority of hot water heaters can last over a decade but if yours is a little older, that might be the problem. An old heater is likely to experience failure than a newer one and sometimes it might not be worth the investment of having it fixed. In fact, experts recommend replacing them completely every 7 years. If you think yours is still useful, you can look at other possible problems.


2. There is build-up

Overtime, sediment may build up in a water tank which will in turn affect your heater’s effectiveness & longevity. And if you fail to take the necessary action early enough, your water heater may fail and require to be replaced. Just like your health, the build-up is simply about prevention to minimize the risk of future damages. You can slow down build up by setting the water temperature to about 130 degrees.


3. The thermostat may be the problem

The thermostat is one of the most important components in water heater systems. Any problem with your thermostat and the whole system is rendered inefficient. If you notice that the number on the thermostat does is significantly different from the outcome you’re feeling in the water, you should check it immediately. Thermostats should not spin like a loose wheel but should instead settle on set temperatures. If the temperatures on the thermostat keep changing, you may need to replace the component.