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Finding leaks is an essential step in saving water in your home. Allow a professional to have your plumbing system checked for leaks. At Plumber Hills District, we ensure to deliver quality plumbing services quickly and professionally. Our emergency plumbers are certified to address various types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked

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Emergency plumbing in Hills District

The ensuite toilet had been blocked for at least two weeks. Bel, Riley’s wife, had written and taped a note to the toilet lid to remind themselves not to use it. Now it looked like Riley finally had to act on the issue. The toilets in the main bathroom and laundry were now blocked as well. Seeing as Bel had been hounding him to get the toilet looked at (he hadn’t broken the news about the other two yet), Riley decided he’d get the problem dealt with before she got home from work. He looked up the number for his local Hills District Plumber and put in a call.

The Neighbourhood Plumber was able to squeeze him in that day. The Plumber gave Riley a courtesy call as he was finishing up at his previous job, to let him know he’d be another twenty minutes. True to word, the Plumber was standing in the ensuite bathroom within the half hour. He didn’t bother plunging, explaining that as all fixtures were blocked, there was an issue further down the line. Riley agreed, filling the Hills District Plumber in with details about an issue they’d have about five years ago with tree roots. Riley showed Plumber to an inspection opening in their back yard, which had become slightly covered by an overgrown garden. The Plumber made room, set up his high pressure water jetter, and got to work. He encountered three small blockages, and then a rather large one that almost caught his jetter hose. He pulled back and ran the drain camera down the line. Both Riley and the Neighbourhood Plumber watched the monitor, seeing the cut roots where the blockages had been encountered. The Plumber manoeuvred the camera further up the line and soon found the main issue. Part of the pipe had become disjointed and was overgrown with roots. The roots had grown thickly and the jetter had only cut through a small section. The Plumber retrieved the camera and talked through the options with Riley.

As the pipe was disjointed and filled with tree roots the Plumber could either dig up the damaged section and replace it, or he could jet it clear with the chance of the jetter getting stuck on the pipe and him needing to dig it up anyway. For the sake of having the problem repaired properly, Riley opted for having the section replaced. He went through pricing with the Plumber, signed it all off and arranged for work to begin early the next morning.

As promised, the Plumber arrived at 7am and began to work. Through the course of the day he dug up the faulty section, cut it out, replaced it and buried it, before relaying the grass over it. The Plumber even called him out to show him the amazing length
of roots that had been growing in his drain. It was half his own body length, and as thick as the pipe! No wonder it had been blocked! The Plumber ran the jetter through the line once he was done, making sure all the blockages had been removed. He tested the toilets in the house multiple times, and each drained away perfectly. The problem was solved. The Hills District Plumber tidied up his job site, pack up his tools and left Riley with a sewer as good as new.

If you have a Plumbing Emergency, contact your local Neighbourhood Hills District Plumber now on 0488 886 232!

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