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Mechanical Drain Cleaning Steps

Drains can, at times, get clogged. When it does happen, it needs to be cleaned properly right away, lest it worsen and completely prevent used water from going down the sewer pipes. Mechanical methods are one way of cleaning drains, and highlighted below are the steps to do it correctly.

1. Gather the needed equipment and safety gear. Also, prepare to get dirty while doing this task.

2. Once you have gathered the essentials, determine if only one of the drains in the property is clogged. If every single drain in your property is clogged, make sure to call a plumber right away, as it is the primary waste line that is clogged.

3. Get a drain snake and use it on the affected drain. Your drain snake may be manual or mechanical. While the latter is run using an electric motor, the other runs with hand rotation.

4. Take out the trap or clean-out plugs from the access point that is closest the clog with the use of channel locks.

5. Feed the auger down the drain, making sure it reaches deep down it. If you are using a mechanised auger for the task, switch the machine on after doing the aforementioned step. Otherwise, crank the knob with your hands.

6. Get the business portion of the snake further down the drain. If it gets stuck, pull it back a little to free it, and then try again.

7. Loosen the clog by constantly pulling the snake back if it gets stuck and pushing it forward right after. Eventually, the clog will loosen, and once the drain is no longer clogged, stop cranking the drain snake or switch off its machine, and then feed the line of the drain snake back into its housing.

8. To make sure that the drain pipe no longer has any debris left in it, run hot water into its opening for ten minutes. If the water goes down the drain pipe without any problems, then you are done. If not, then get the drain snake and push its line deep into the drain pipe once more.

Mechanical drain cleaning can be done along with chemical drain cleaning, especially if it does not work at the first instance. Just be careful with the use of chemicals, though, since they might damage your skin and eyes. If you have to use chemicals, put on the recommended safety equipment, especially a pair of safety goggles and a full-body gown.